Mouth-Watering Silog Choices at Ate Rica’s Bacsilog – Sugbo Mercado (Cebu IT Park)

One night when my shift ended, I thought of having my dinner at one of Cebu’s famous Food place, the Sugbo Mercado located at Cebu IT Park. I used to eat mt favorite lechon belly on one of the stalls there but then I realized, a friend gave me a 100-worth of GC that I can use and all I need to do is to give a review about the food.

Since I never had the chance to visit the place yet, I looked for it and found location of the stall. The line is kinda long so I immediately judged that It might be good. I checked the prices and I was amazed because the price per serving ranges from php74.00-php100.00 that is perfect for those who are budgeting their daily meals.

This isn’t just an affordable place. I never heard of a BACSILOG before and it is really new to me and I find it very creative – the way how they combined one ingredient to another is just one-of-a-kind. What I bought that night is their BACTO, a combination of Bacon and Tocino Silog that tastes like heaven. Let’s add the flavor of the sauce that is a perfect match for the BACTO.

You can choose between variety of their SILOG menu (Bacsilog, Tapsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog, Cornedsilog, Tunasilog, Footsilog and Nuggetsilog all for php74.00) and other combinations like Bacon-Nuggets, Hotdog-Tapa, Footlong-Tocino and Bacon-Bacon all for php99.00 only.

Visit their Sugbo Mercado Branch every Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 1am Located at The Garden Bloc, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

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